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"Yannick has a clear, actual and creative vision of golf and he knows how to communicate it in order to implement it.  It does not keep him from keeping both his feet on the ground and remain realistic while facing projects.  The quality and professionalism of his plans and specifications easily compares with the bigger names of modern golf course architecture, which facilitates the execution of projects and reduces unpredictable events for both clients and contractors.  He distinguishes himself in preparing realistic budgets and in analyzing propositions in order to work within the allocated budgets, while insuring that the quality of projects is not diminished.  Yannick’s presence on sites during the construction also facilitates the progression of projects, and he always remains positive in order to find solutions when problems arise.  He does it all with tact, humbleness and with a smile.  It is a real pleasure to work with him and, in that context, the projects are always successful."

Yves Brousseau, Ing, Sales and marketing director
And all the NMP Golf Construction team
July 21st, 2011

The Lakes Golf Club

"Yannick provided a leadership role in all aspects of course construction. His insights and creative talents proved indispensable in designing and building a golf course which is receiving rave reviews from all segments of the golf community."

"During the time that I worked with him I found Yannick to possess many of the characteristics necessary to ensure success. He was punctual and work oriented often beginning the day before any other person was on site and working late into the evening to ensure that all eventualities were looked after. Throughout the project it was apparent that Yannick had a devotion to the job at hand and showed an enthusiasm that reflected his desire to provide the client with the maximum benefit of his expertise."

Richard Preeper, President
The Lakes Golf Club
October 3rd, 2011.

Islesmere Golf Club

"Prior to construction, Yannick's vision, imagination, and professionalism skills in cooperation with myself and club management helped us plan high quality improvements to the club, ensuring quality and also cost effectiveness. His very clear designs, plans, and bid sheets made selling the project idea and selecting a qualified contractor a much simpler process, clearly defining potential costs and contingencies."

"Yannick's cooperation and work through construction made it a smooth, non-invasive process for myself, the contractor and our membership. The results were complete satisfaction with the final product by the member's of Islesmsere Golf Club and Clublink."

"I would recommend Yannick Pilon Golf for future projects and would be happy to work with him again."

Michael Sturrock, Superintendant
Islesmere Golf Club
March 25th, 2011.

Richelieu Valley Golf Club

"Essentially, our Verchères and Rouville courses were considered somewhat too "similar" and the mandate was given to Yannick to differentiate the two courses once and for all. Please know that the objective was acheived, as the Verchères course has now been considered for a couple of years as an excellent challenge for golfers of all categories and mostly, totally different from our other course."

"During the entitre execution of his mandate, Yannick has been an architect really in tune with our needs. He has suggested original ideas that have improved our course while still respecting our budget parameters. Also, he has made himself available and has always respected his construction schedules."

"Collaborating with Yannick has been a pleasure and I recommend him without any reserve."

Bernard Vaillancourt, General Manager
Richelieu Valley Golf Club
June 30th, 2011.

Montreal Country Club

"During the 2007 season, we have asked for many rapports, notably a plan for the management of the vegetation on the entire golf course. We have also asked for studies of many holes in order to increase the safety of the members and the local residents."

"We have found the work of our appointed architect, Yannick Pilon, to be most professional and objective. We do not hesitate to recommend his service to everybody."

Michel Podeszfinski, General Manager
Montreal Country Club
April 10th, 2008.

Rosemère Golf Club

"Our discussions with your firm precisely reflect what we wanted to present to our members. The details of the works according to the different scenarios have allowed us to offer different avenues to our members. The presentation of the projects backed up by graphics and visual simulations has greatly helped."

Jean-Luc Dumouchel, General Manager
Club de Golf Rosemère
March 31st, 2008.

Graham Cooke

"Yannick has been of great help to me and I consider him to be an excellent architect who brings passion and commitment to all of our projects."

"Wherever I send Yannick in the world, I have that all-important appreciation and comfort that he will gain the client's respect and will endeavor to make everyone gel together. He knows people and they work for him with respect and enthusiasm. Yannick will surprise you with his easy manner and determination to make each project a special success."

Graham Cooke, Golf Course Architect / President
Graham Cooke & Assoc. Inc.
November 12th, 2008.

Michel Lafrenière

"He's a visionary. He thinks about golfers in general, so they can have fun. Which is rare. Her won't place five bunkers per hole because if the golfer has no fun, he won't come back."

Michel Lafrenière, Executive Director of the Quebec Association of Golf Course General Managers
In the article «Les 18 trous de Yannick Pilon» by Isabelle Massé - La Presse Affaire
September 2011.

Robert Thompson

"Well versed in the history of the game, and with a passion for classic design, Yannick Pilon is one of the bright lights in Canadian golf architecture. He's smart, presents well under pressure, and offers keen insights into golf course design."

Robert Thompson, Golf Writer
G4G Media
March 25th, 2011

Martial Lapointe

"Right from the start, we can tell that this course is the work of a great architect."

"In 2006, accompanied by Mr Pilon, we had walked into what was, at the time, only a simple field and a small wood lot. (...) Five years later, during our most recent visit, it was easy and pleasant to see how the vision of this great specialist has lead to something grand."

Martial Lapointe, Journalist
In an article about the Club de Golf Les Boisés de Joly - Le Journal de Québec
August 26th, 2011.

Rick Young

"Names such as Ian Andrew, Chris Nelson, Wayne Carleton, Cam Tyers, Yannick Pilon, Jane Hunter, Steve Vanderploeg and Jeremy Glenn (amongst others) may not have a heightened recognition factor with the general Canadian golfing populace but believe this: the role they play in Canadian golf is indispensable."

Rick Young, Golf Writer
In the article"Architects Anonymous" found in the October 2005 issue of Golf Canada Magazine.

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